Calculating Payroll

We are having a problem omitting employees without time from the Payroll Journal. We enter time through the Time Journal, go to the Payroll Journal and calculate, and all employess in the Payroll Group are calculated regardless if they have time worked or not. Can someone tell me how to keep from including these employees with no time from being calculated and thus omitted from the lines of the Payroll Journal. Thanks.

Stephen - depending upon how many employees are being paid each payday, about the only solution I have found is to make sure that the employees’ masterfile is marked as ‘blocked’. I process a payroll every two weeks with around 65 employees each time. With part-timers and employees on unpaid leave, I usually have a couple of individuals that may not be getting a paycheck each payday. Obviously, if your payroll is in the 100 employees or more category, this solution may not be very practicle. Let us know if this will work in your situation. Best of luck! Chuck H. St. Paul, MN

In your Payroll Calculate request form, there should be an option “Restrict to Entered Employees” checkbox. Clicking this will then allow you to only perform calculations on the employees that have been entered into the Payroll Journal. Presuming you are just posting this from the Time Journal and you are only entering employees on the Time Journal that have time, this should be an appropriate solution for you.