Calculating Average Cost in Manufacturing version

We have a Navision Manufacturing 2.6D site using average costing. Has anyone come across an issue with the avg.cost not being calculated correctly when issuing a build ? (Seems to us there might be a problem with rounding when calculating the value to be posted to the GL and subsequently when running the adjust cost item entries and post cost to GL batch jobs.)

Hi Tonny, There is indeed a problem with the average cost in manufacturing. Navision Manufacturing is all the while made for standard costing only. But here are some tips to handle it in average costing. Always run the Update unit cost on the production order after each posting. Do not set the automatic cost posting in the inventory setup. When you change the status of production order from released to finished tick the option update unit cost. navision recoginses the cost to be posted when you post the last line of the routing in the output journal, so it is important you take care when you do this posting. The rounding problem is handled by the field amount rounding precision, unit amount rounding precision in the General ledger setup. You need to set both these to the same value. But navision manufacturing is not made for any other costing method other than STANDARD. Best regards, Prashanth