Calculated St. or End dates wrong on WOS with rtg

I am having great difficulity trying to figure out why the routings I link to my assemblies are recommending the wrong start or end date, depending if it is forward or backward scheduled. I have a two step routing for Outside Assembly we have done. I have two work centers, Stores and Outside. Times on them is set to hours. The Mfg. Calendar is calculated for the current year. When the work order is planned the first time, system by default backward schedules the order, and it bumps into a problem that the calendar does not go back far enough. I have recalculated the calendar back to 1999, and it still runs out of time. If it is forward scheduled, it stops because the calendar does not go out far enough. This should be a two week job. Please advise, we are going live 4/1 and our new work orders are being created with bogus dates during our pilot. Julia Megareus, OSI Systems, Inc.

Hi Julia, 2 Things I feel You should look into. 1) Are you using the Finite Scheduling Facility? 2) Just see in the back end what is the UOM for time taken is there for the Routing steps of the Work Order. Regards, DD

Hi, Though somewhat deviation from the main question. My question is also similar, but pertains to planning. While planning the same problem is being encountered with. That system says calender not available beyond certain date(actually calender not available and I donot want to extend the calender beyond that date) and stops planning. In such an event, can anybody suggest how to make system forward schedule while planning? Thanks in advance.

Hi Julia Each work and machine centre has an associated shop calendar, check this is populated.