Calculate Whse Adjustment - ADJ BIN Remove

Hi Folks…

I have a entry when I run the ‘Calculate Whse Adustment’ from Item Jnl, that I’d liked removed from the Adj BIN

Is this possible?

I’m happy with the inventory reported on the inventory valuation report, so think posting the calculated jnl will upset balance to G/L.

Or do I just add a secondary line only as the opposite entry type?

Nav 2009 SP1 Classic client.


Hmm, I do not really understand the question.

Adjustment Bin Entries are created by NAV automatically to keep inventory synchronuous between item ledger entries and bin entries.

So when posting an Invoice or Credit Memo without order / return order directly to the warehouse controlled location the item ledger entries created will cause an inventory change. The system needs to create a bin entry with the same quantity also.
As the system does not know which bin is involved, the adjustment bin is being used.

Hi Paddy

in your whse item journal just post and exact opposite to that line apearing in your item journal after you have calc’d whse adjustment (remember to use same lot number)

Post the whse item journal, delete lines from the item journal then re calc the whse adjustment - if the two entries where exactly opposite then they will no longer be there