Calculate total trips to every car no alone without make accumlation

I make report to cars trips this report consist from following :

driver name quantity shipdate tripsLine

ahmed 50 12/04/2012 1

ahmed 60 12/04/2012 2

ahmed 30 12/04/2012 3

car no

101 ahmed 140 3

adil 40 12/04/2012 1

adil 20 12/04/2012 2

adil 10 12/04/2012 3

car no

102 adil 70 3

What i need as above

Now the proplem is trips line it make accumlation to all car no

ahmed finish with trips 3 it make to adil 4,5,6 how i make total to all trips to evey car no alone not accumlation

my report found in mediafire link is:

report id is 50052

please help me

You mean to say you require report by Namewise Car wise .

Create a key on table and Create report using report wizard.

I need to make following make creditbalance(number of line) variable =0 before it go to another car no because my proplem is

it make accumlation as serial to all car no


car no 101 1 ,2,3

car no 102 1,2,3 not 4,5,6

meaning i need to increase every line by one to every car no after this assum value to 0 to start another grouping to another car

Is data stored in table ?


Then Create a key on table and create a report using wizard.

I already create key my key that i create is “Truck No”

Create a key on Name and Car No and then create a report.

I test what you tol me but not work what i need is count trips are you understan idea if you not understand tell me i will explain again

Result what i need is found in this link as following: