Calculate the net weight if the same purches order number

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I am calculating the net weight if the same purches order number and one more if i tick the check box then only it calculates is it possible in ax

Explain clearly not able to get you

Explain Clearly

Case Study Scenario 04## Weigh-Slip generation process for items carried by a truck### Scenario Description:

The Weigh-slip generation process is carried out to find the weight of items present in the truck. By this process, the weight of the truck with items is weighed and the empty truck is weighed and Weigh-slip calculation is made. The actual weight of the items is calculated by using the formula as

Actual Weight = Weight of the loaded truck– Weight of the empty truck

After this calculation process, the Weigh slip is generated with the details like Truck-ID, Total weight of the truck and empty truck weight. Here the Truck-ID refers to the Truck number.

The purchase order is raised for a total bulk quantity of item. And when the truck comes with material, a truck is weighed with items in a weigh bridge and also upon de-loading the items from the truck, the same truck is weighed.

In the Purchase order creation process, upon receiving the material before stock updation process a Weigh-Slip is created with the information on Truck and truck weight etc.,

Process Description:

In AX 2009, the purchase order is created for a bulk quantity and on the basis of this order material is received at different times by different trucks. And each time when a material is received Truck-ID is noted and Truck weight is calculated and Weigh-Slip is updated in the system with the relevant details.

Weigh Slip Details Form:

Weigh slip Details Form


Date of inward

Purchase Order No.

Item Number


Truck with items weighed (Gross Weight)

Date of Outward

Empty Truck-Weight ( Tare Weight)

Actual Weight (Net Weight)

Total Weight

i am tick the check box

after that total weight is displayed whatever i am put a tick in select field

Not sure what you mean. Please elaborate. You can check the InventTable to see Netweight column which stores the Netweight of inventory item for one inventory unit.

i am asking that

select filed i inserted check box

for example

5 check box is available and 5 net weights are available

if i select check box then calculate the weight


check box1 net weight 20 tonnes

check box2 net weight 21 tonnes

check box3 net weight 2 tonnes

total weight is combo box its bottom of form

if i select check box1 and check box 2

then display total weight 20+21 = 41

any one help

how its works