Calculate Standard Cost issue

In version 2.01 US Mfg there is a periodic activity to Calculate Standard Cost. This activity allows users to run the process for all items with a check box option to “check all levels”. I have noticed that Attain does not have this periodic activity - calculate standard cost must be run from the Item card. Was there a problem with version 2.01 periodic activity resulting in the change? The reason I ask is that I have discovered the periodic activity used on a mass basis is not rolling up correctly in some cases - I have verified this by running the process from the Item card afterwards and the standard cost changes. Is the mass rollup process flawed?

I experienced this error up to vertion 2.6. But it was very easy to correct. Just one line correction. Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

Valentin, can you give me that one line correction please?

Hi, Few month ago I left my solution center and i do not have the database. Sorry. In some ceses system does not multiply by Quantity Per when calculate BOM. The same problem in the “Rolled-up Cost Shares” report. Send me codeunit in text format i think i still remember. Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

I assume you are using version 3.X you can use the revaluation journal to do a mass update provided there is no inventory. If there is inventory you have to revalue the inventory in the process of trying to update the standard cost on the card.