Calculate Regenerative Plan

Hi all, When running Calculate Regenerative Plan in the Planning Worksheet, I keep getting the following error: An Undefined Date Cannot Be Used In Date Calculations. The batch job stops and gives this error on the same Item each time, but I cannot find any differences between this Item and the Items that process properly. Any thoughts or suggestions? Jeff Baltzer

I think you have a Sales Order without assigned Shipment date.

Easy way to find the error: On Tools-> Debugger turn off break on triggers On Tools-> Debugger turn on Active Run the Calculate Regenerative Plan again and wait until the error arrives… it will show you the exact line where it’s trying to do such calculation. The error is based on a date = 0D that’s used for doing a calculation (probably something like newdate := CALCDATE(’+30D’,previousdate); if previousdate = 0D the error will show up… :slight_smile: That will help you on knowing what’s the date that’s not properly setup. Regards,

Thanks for the help. Sales Orders with missing ship dates was indeed the problem. All fixed now. Jeff Baltzer