calculate regenare plan, net change plan

Hello,What is difference between calculate regenare plan, net change plan ?Because I could not find any difference . I created a sales order and run planning worsksheet with the option calculate regenare plan . then it creaed the Line. Now I delete that line.Changed the quantity in sales order then I run the caluclate regenerate plan ? again it is showing the line ?Now I delete that line and run the net change plan ?Again it is showing that same sales order line ?So what is the difference between these . both are working in same way ?Please explain some more ,

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Set the order multiple to something in between your sales line changes, does the net change obey the multiple?

The help explains it quite well:

When you calculate a net change plan, the program plans only for those items that have had the following types of changes to their demand-supply pattern since the last planning:

  • A direct change in the demand requirements for the item. This could be a change in a forecast, sales order, purchase order, production order, or production order component line, for example.

  • A change in the standard data and/or planned supply for the item. This could be a change in the BOM or routing, the definition of safety stock or reorder point, or unplanned inventory discrepancies, for example.

The reason for calculating a net change plan, as opposed to a regenerative plan, for example, is to save time and system resources. It is not necessary to replan items whose demand-supply pattern has not changed since the last planning.