Calculate and Post WHT settlement yield no result

i am trying to setup the WHT on BC Australia version. i have run through and follow closely the doc in below link, but no journal created when i tried to post WHT settlement

Below were my steps

  1. Setup WHT Business Posting Group and Product Posting Group


  1. Setup WHT Posting Setup, i am using WHT-RENT (5%) in my invoice testing

  2. Create and post Purchase Invoice subjected to WHT

  3. Verify on vendor on WHT entry, the unrealized amount shown 250 (5% of 5000)

  4. Create and post Payment Journal of 4,750 (System will not deduct WHT amount when i use suggest payment?), i actually key in the payment amount manually

  5. Run Cal and Post WHT Settlement

Can some one help to explain any missing steps ?

If i set the Realized Revenue type to invoice in WHT Posting Setup, the Cal and Post WHT Settlement work correctly (BUT i need to use Payment Type)

Thanks in advance.