CalcFormula TableFilter fields

Here’s two I’ve never seen documented. If you drill down into the CalcFormula property of a table FlowField, and then further drill down into the Table Filter sub-property, there are 2 fields that don’t appear to be documented (unless they snuck by me) called: OnlyMaxLimit and ValueIsFilter. Can anyone tell me the purpose of these 2 fields? -jp

OnlyMaxLimit for Date Filter IE: “Balance at Date” = 0D to the Maximum Range of the filter, Ignores the Min Range 01/01/00…31/01/00 would Filter Range 0D…31/01/00 ValueIsFilter Filters if there is a Value IE: “Customer No” and “Customer No” will only apply the Filter if the “Customer No.” has a Value. Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

A common example of OnlyMaxLimit is an Accumulated Depreciation balance. You want to include all of the entries from the beginning of time (0d), not just the current period being used for the Depreciation Expense values.

Thanks. I had never seen it used anywhere until recently when I was converting a V1 database. Of course, it was improperly used there.

You can find more information of ValueIsFilter option into this blog: … r_400.html

I hope this can help you.