CalcFormula Properties


Are the Calculation Formulas stored in a table if you’re using SQL Server? If not, how can I get to them external to Nav?



The calculation formula is a properties.

Properties are saved in the object’s definition

the object’s definition is saved in the blob field of the Object Table. This field is binary (exporting it, you’ll get a fob-type of file). So unfortunately, you will not be able to read it.

You can’t get to the calcformula from outside the database. That property is part of the object definition, it is not stored as data anywhere.

Thanks for the help, I have access to the SQL Server database, but per Waldo’s reply it doesn’t look like that will do me any good. It looks like I’ll have to duplicate the way the formula works in T-SQL if I’m going to work directly off the db.

That’s indeed the way to go.