I came across a question

All CALCFIELDS are FLOWFIELDS automatically?

Recently I learned how to create flowfields, SumIndex fields etc… Also I know CalcFormula

But I don’t know anything about Calcfields. Where do we set it?

Can someone give a brief idea on CALCFIELDS.


Click the Help menu, select C/SIDE reference guide, and search on CALCFIELDS. Let me know if you can’t find it.

Yes I did.

I could find some details.

Thanks and regards



Calcfields mainly used for to calucate a value of Flowfield…

I will explain thru an example…see below

Customer (18) having Balance filed …i.e, is a flowfield… that is calucated from customer ledger entries amount(LCY) field…

suppose we want retrive the customer balance thru coding…

balance1:= cust.balance(LCY); cust is rec type of customer…

now the value of balance1 is 0… because the value displayed on balance(LCY) is not stored in the database…that is calucated from Customer Ledger Entries…

if we retrive that value we use calcfields…


balance1:= cust.balance(LCY);

Now u will get the value…