CalcFields in Form

hi guys

can any one tell me wats the use of CalcFields in a form properties. in reports we use the CalcFields property just coz of viewing the value of a flow field? but how can we use this property in form. (when to use)

It’s exactly the same. You can also click the field in the Properties window and press F1 to view the C/SIDE Help on the field.

hi matt

tnx for ur reply but c/side din’t provide help for that.

Table fields of type FlwoField that are not on a form will not be calculated. If you nevertheless need the value of such a field you need to call CALCFIELDS.

Its a property of Type: Boolean

it sets to true if FlowField has been calculated; otherwise, false.

Sets a list of FlowFields to automatically calculate.

IT IS applied to Dataports, Forms, Reports & XMLports.

If u are unable to get help that might be because you are using the NAVsion 5.0 Client ( I think) Use Navision 2009 Classic Client and you will find help when you will press F1.