Hello, If I use CALCDATE(’<-1Y>’,WORKDATE), I get for instance 23/05/02. But how do I get the begining of the month → 01/05/02 as result? Thank You [:)]

Hi, There’s a few threads about this on the forum if you do a search, but for now this should do the trick: CALCDATE(’-CM-1Y’,WORKDATE); -CM will return the first day of the current month, the -1Y will deduct a year from that. Hope that helps…

Thanks, I just find it but i could’nt delete the topic [:I]

also don’t know how to make 01/02/2003 → FEBRUARY 2003 Do I have to “hard” code to do that or can I use a fonction? Format? How? Thank You

You can use DATE2DMY(date,2) and “hard code” the result.

…or you can use FORMAT, for example: FORMAT(WORKDATE,0,’ ')