Calc. Low Level code (CU99000853)

Hello all,

We are upgrading from a 3.60 database to NAV2009 SP1 (classic client). I noticed after doing some testing that the “Calc. Low-Level Code” Functionality in 3.60 outperformed the same functionality in 2009. (15 Minutes in 3.6, 2-3 hrs in 2009). Both are called from CU 99000853.

As this functionality Locks several Tables (Item, Production BOM Line, Production BOM Header) while executing, it really put a strain on our business. I strongly encourage my users to perform this function daily to prevent any looped Bills of Material, but at this amount of time where these 3 tables are locked, the users simply will not perform this task.

Do you have any ideas as to why the routine takes so much more time, and/or any suggestions on how I can resolve this?