Cache on multiple AOS?

Hi all, I’ve read previous topic about problems with data synchronization when multiple AOSes used. But couldn’t find right solution. We have same problem. Data changed on first AOS are not seen on 2 other AOS servers for an hours. Manual Data Update didn’t help, only solution is restart of AOSes, it’s currently only way to sync data. Unfortunately it’s ‘static’ tables which is problem, not periodically used data tables. Restarting through working hours isn’t solution we want to have on daily basis. Does anybody have suggestion what to do, to make all data, both static and periodically changed tables synced in ‘realtime’ on all aos servers? Our config is AXA30sp3, 3 AOS servers in AOS Cluster, OracleDB thank you very much Martin Paulik

Hi, Check from the AOT what is value of the table’s proprty CacheLookup. If it is EntireTable, change it into something else. You must start AOSes after this. If you have done modifications in your code, check use of the TTS, because reading outside TTS is done from cache unless CacheLookup is set to None br,

Hi, one table which was yesterday problem has CacheLookup set to None. so what now? Martin Paulik

Hi Are you using 2-tier clients or 3-tier rich clients side by side with the thin clients? For instance as a batch server or COM connector. If so, try running everything via AOSes br,

Hi, we are using 3tier clients, connected via AOS servers. Batch server is connected as 2tier. mp