C/TOOLS and C/FRONT in the UNIX environment?

Hi all I have a question on using the C/TOOLS(Navision 3.56) from the Unix platform. The current configurations is: One Unix server with the Navision 3.56 database One Unix server with the Unix application which need to import/export data between itself(DB2 database) and Navision The protocol on the server are tcp/ip As I have been told, it is not possible to use C/TOOLS in a pure Unix environment. So the problem is how to communicate with the Navision database. Do you have any experience with this sort of development, please comment on this :slight_smile: A solution could be to have a Navision Windows client connected to the Navision database on the Unix machine, and then make a client server solution using C/TOOLS. It would look like this in the most simple form: A Unix application communicating via tcp/ip with an application accessing Navision(C/TOOLS). Is this at all possible? Thanks in advance Andreas Lundin

did’n you think of using PHP ?

I don’t know much about this but I think NFS might help. Have you tried to connect Navision using NFS? As far as I have seen, by using this network, you can make all Unix servers available on Windows Platform and then perform operations as if its juz another windows server. Best of Luck Rubina

Andreas : Does your Unix application must have read and write data facilities ? Alixir : I don’t think by mounting the Unix box as NFS will help Andreas, he need to access a Navision API from a Unix Application which is not available for Unix but just from Microsoft OSes. Here’s a solution which might solve your probem : * Develop your own TCP client/server application Requirement : Microsoft NT Server You must develop a NT service which will act as your transaction server, this component will handle all request made by your unix clients. This NT service will connect to C/TOOLS, execute all the query sent by your clients and send back status packet or data results to your Unix client. Your project sounds like interesting and quite challenging Happy coding Andreas :wink: PS : Let us know about your progress tarek_demiati@ureach.com Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Apr 23 06:04:14