C/side Features

What are the features of C/side database compared to other RDBMS.

uh er, that could take a while

[?]Just out of curiosity… Is the NF database considered to be a RDBMS at all? [}:)]

John, Is this a serious question?

C/side RDBMS? Who really made up an abbrivation with 5 letters. Can You really call that an abbrivation…?? C/side was actually a Turkish commercial slogan back in the 70’s to get more tourists to visit Side on the south coast of Turkey. One late night a man called Balser was seen there wery frustrated about the personel in the hotel lobby paying to much attention to their accounting software instead of serving the guests. Balser didn’t get his key and sat down in the lobby and thought this over that night. He found the folder with the slogan “C/Side and die” and then You know the story… Was this the Break Space[?] I must be lost somehow…[xx(][xx(]

Actually the terms ODBMS and RDBMS were thrown at Navision early in its existence. Of course Navision is relational, and makes full use of its relations. It is slightly Object based, say like Object Based Pascal, but not like C++. Anyway since all DBMSs out there these day are relational, the “R” got dropped. Once languages like MBF take hold with XML, it will again bcome necessary to differentiate Relational and Object. Even then, MBF is an OOP Language, but it runs on SQL that is relational, so who knows.

Thank You Mr David Singleton for your posting

Microsoft Business Framework

By the way C/SIDE = Client/Server Integrated Development Environment