C/Side 3.60 and non-removable Table Locks

Hi there, I’ve heard some rumours about c/side 3.60: one of my colleagues said he heard than c/side 3.60 sometimes locks tables in such a way that the lock can’t be removed anymore. As a result the complete system would dead-lock. Does anyone know something about this? Any experiences? Or is this just a hoax? [?]

He was probably playing in SQL. C/Side has a built in anti deadlock mechanism, which will terminate the second task and thus preventing the deadlock.

Thanks David, I also thought that would be it. For the record, this colleague hasn’t encountered this problem irl but he heard something about it from a customer.

If there was ever such a problem with 3.60 on either database platform, which I doubt, then it would have been fixed in one of the 17 hotfixes, being so severe. (Which it hasn’t). SQL Server also has deadlock detection - no multiuser db can really live without it.