We are trying to use C/ODBC to access the Navision database with Crystal Reports. After C/ODBC is installed when we setup the data source for the Navision database under User DSN we get the following error “S0000” [Navision Software a/s][Navision Finanancials ODBC Driver] The server and client do not have the same program version number." Any help would be appreciated. We are running Navision Financials US 2.50 and Crystal Reports 7.0.

Did you install Navision ODBC driver from the same disk as you installed The Navision server from! Paul Baxter

Yes we did install the Navision ODBC drive from the same disk that we installed the Navision server from.

Has there been any Navision hotfixes applied to your system. You may need an updated ODBC driver. But anyway setting up ODBC does always seem harder than it should on Navision. I would ask your NSC if you need later driver ad they should be able to supply one. Paul Baxter