C/ODBC & Windows 2003 Server -- Doesn't Work

I am trying to get the c/odbc connection to work on Windows 2003 server. I am running Is there a newer version that is available for download? Also my Navision Server version is on 3.1 if that makes any difference?

Contact your NSC and ask them to provide the correct versions of C/ODBC drivers for Navision 3.10. They should be on the installation CD. Beware of installing new drivers that overwrite existing drivers.

Hi Tyler, I think Attain 3.10 (and probably all earlier versions) is not supported by 2003 server (see http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/evaluation/suppapps/appdetails.mspx) Did you really succeed in running 3.10 under 2003 (besides your little [;)] C/ODBC problem)? Just curious… Klaus

Hi Klaus, When Microsoft stops supporting earlier product versions, that doesn’t mean these versions will stop working. Windows 2003 Server is really not that different from Windows 2000 Server, so it would be very strange if older versions of Financials/Attain would stop working on it. It’s just one more way for Microsoft to (psychologically) keep pushing everyone up the upgrade path… I can even tell you that Financials 2.5, 2.6 and 2.65 run as happy as ever on W2K3.

Anyony who can second this? With respect to the Microsoft info I asked our server specialist not to use 2003 but 2000 instead for our next update. His reply is not printable…he shook his head [B)] and fired some swear words towards NAVISION and MICROSOFT and the poor guy (just me) who once upon a time suggested to buy NAVISION …[:(!] To be earnest again…what I mean: Is there someone who successfully works with NAV 3.10 A incl. C/ODBC under 2003 as server? Thanks for any info. Klaus

Search the forum, many others also suceeded in running older versions on Windows 2003 Server: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7635&SearchTerms=windows,2003 http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9606&SearchTerms=windows,2003 As for the C/ODBC, that’s a different problem. Did you try using the latest C/ODBC version available for 3.10?

Thanks Nelson! I think, we will build a test system, install our 3.10 version and test it as far as possible. Especially with respect to the behaviour of C/ODBC. In addition our NSC is urged to give me some sort of “official” answer on this topic. Let’s see whether they will act focussed on MICROSOFT or focussed on us as CUSTOMER. Cheers Klaus

One further bit of advice… Since it seems you will do some sort of maintenance server upgrade, why not take the chance and also upgrade Navision’s executables to 3.70? All you need to roll out is the server program and the client programs, you do not need to change your database.