C/ODBC Timeout error

I am using the C/ODBC drivers to extract data for reporting in MS Access 2000. I am peridically receiving the following error message: Query time has elaped, Abort? I have gone into the C/ODBC Data Source Administration Options and increased the Query Time-out parameter to 2400 but I still receive the message. How can I supress this message?

Why not just remove the Tick in the Query Time Out Check Box in the c/odbc options. It will never time out.

Removing de-selecting the Query Time-out option does not appear to make any difference. I am still receiving the query time-out error message.

That solution worked for us. It’s interesting that you still received that error. It makes you think “What’s the purpose of that check-box?” Maybe more info is needed here…NAS or SQL? c/odbc setup : User DSN or System DSN?

I’m using Navision’s DB v3.70.a (US version) The C/ODBC 32 bit drivers are setup as User DSN and are version Server connection Options: Commit Cache enabled 512kb DBMS Cache Query timeout de-selected Read Only Tmp path (c:\temp)

It appears that I have resolved the problem. MS Access queries have a property “ODBC Timeout.” This property is set to 60 second by default and appears to be overiding the settings in the ODBC driver itself. By setting it to zero I have not had any timeout errors today.