Using the c/odbc driver I get the following error message: Error: Expected lexical element not found: (State:37000, Native Code: 3F7) The SQL is: select C.Field1, C.Field2, C.Field3 from Table C where C.Field1 in (select D.Field1 from Table D) Works fine until I add the last bit ‘in (select …)’ Is this a syntax issue?

It is probably because C/ODBC does not support subqueries.

the odbc-driver from navision does not support subqueries, inner and outer joins. Actually you can run only the equal or not equal relation.

C/ODBC does support inner (regular) joins. It cannot use the SQL-92 INNER JOIN syntax, but still provides for the regular T1.Field = T2.Field syntax. This is an inner join, nevertheless. Correct, it does not support outer joins in any form.