C/ODBC setup problem

Hi, we have a odbc setup problem, we use attain 3.01a and C/ODBC all installed from same cd, when i try to setup ODBC i fill out the following: Data Source: “our company” Description: test Program folder: “empty” Connection: SERVER Net type: TCP Database name: “empty” Company name: “the name off the database/account” User id: “me” password: xxxx Now, when i press the button company i do get to choose witch company i would like to use but when i hit “options” i get an odbca32.exe error and if i try to use it in excel 2000 i get an msqry32.exe error both the odbc and the msquery error have the modname: codbc.dll ?? I get the same problem if i try a local test database. I have not maked any changes on the server and i have super user rights. I hope there is someone who can help me. Regards, Ole

A starting point is the program folder, this needs to point to the location of the navision executables and DLLs, something like c:\program files\Navision\

I thouth when Attain was installed in standard program folder it was’nt nessesary to point out were the files were??

Are you sure, believe me, now you think, but if you just TRY to add the directory, then you will at least KNOW.

Okay, i now KNOW that it dosn’t help my problem, i get the same error message. regards, Ole

There is a newer version of C\ODBC for 3.01. You might want to go down that path.