c/odbc in Navision Financials

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to start using the c/odbc function? I downloaded the odbc-driver but I need to enter some information before I can open the tables. Thanks in advance, Jacco Dijkslag jdijkslag@hotmail.com

Install with setup.exe. Then You set up Your Data Source in the Control Panel. After that You can start accessing Navision from MS Query or any other software that can use ODBC. There is a detailed description of installation and use of C/ODBC the file w1w1odbc.pdf on the Navision product CD. //Lars

Thank you, it has been useful but when I try to select a company I get the message that I do not have permissions. Do you know why that is?

The user that You use from ODBC must have the permission to run ODBC. Create a permission group called ODBC and add the permisson “C/ODBC” of to that group (the permission is of the type “System” with ID 9130. The qick and dirty solution is to use a user with the role SUPER. //Lars

Dear Lars, Permissions are ok now but I get an isam error while trying to connect to the Navision Database, any tips? Kind regards, Jacco Dijkslag

Sorry Lars, still problems with the permissions, any further suggestions?

Try logging in as a user which have the role SUPER. That role includes all permissions. Or try using a database where You have no logins at all. Then You eleminate all errors due to permissions.

Also don’t forget the obvious, do you actually have a license that allows access to ODBC (i.e. did you purchase this granule) and is that licence in your ODBC directory? _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________

Hi Dijkslag. What version of the ODBC driver are you using? I have found many problems using the driver for NF version 2. I have found the ODBC driver very unstable. For instance - stepping through recordsets. Has anyone else found the ODBC problematical? Has the driver been improved since version 2?

I don’t see anything in the license statement about odbc. I am able to select it in the objecttype ‘system’. I don’t know if i do have the correct license then? How do I see if my license is ok for that feature?

Open Your licensfile in a text editor and You should see a line with number 1700 and C/ODBC as explaining text. If You have that line in Your licensfile You can run C/ODBC with Your license //Lars

Connull: It’s known that all ODBC versions before 2.6 have problems, one way or the other. If serious ODBC work is required, you will have to upgrade. John

John : noted, thanks. But I don’t want to upgrade unless I’m sure that the ODBC driver in version 2.60 is going to be better. No such assurances have been given to me by Navision UK. Are you saying therefore, that you’ve developed serious Navision ODBC work with the driver for version 2.60? If so, I’ll take you’re word for it and look at upgrading. Thanks

  1. Version of C/ODBC? 2. Software for accessing Navision via C/ODBC, versions, method (Excel via MSQuery, MSAccess Linked Table, DAO, ADO)? 3. C/ODBC granule? May be many other questions… Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

I recently uncovered a problem with C/ODBC(version 2.50)and permissions; it may help in this situation. A user set up as a super user had no problem connecting to the database through ODBC. However, as soon as that user’s role of SUPER was restricted to one of the companies in the database then he could no longer connect through ODBC. This was even though the ODBC data source was established for the company for which he had super user access. I don’t remember the exact error message, but it had to do with a permission error.

:frowning: tested :-9 User must have SUPER permission for all companies in database. May be user must to have some specific permissions for access data via ODBC but i do not know which. … :-))) FOUND!!! User must to have role: Object Type: System Object ID: 9130 Object Name: C/ODBC WITHOUT APPLICATION TO ANY COMPANY (only for this role). Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia