C/ODBC error

Hello I’m trying to access Navision 3.60 tables, throught C/ODBC. I have installed and configured everything like in documentation(C/ODBC, Navision client). Everything works almost OK, but when i want to select some columns in my query, i’m receiving error. It is interesting, that some other columns I can select in query without problems. On another PC, with the same username everything goes well. The error is: Data Provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status. Please help

Did you check the name you’re using on your query? If the field or table is having spaces on navision you should have to replace with dots on the query…

Compare your 2 C/ODBC installations. It should be the same. In particular, see default setting of Identifiers=All Except Dot(C/ODBC Setup/Options dialog box) If special characters are used on column identifier, you must put between doublequote with ODBC direct (for example : Select columnname1,“column name 2” from …) and between [] if you use Microsoft Jet (for example : select [column name],…) For information, MsQuery and Database DAO object use Jet Engine by defaut. To use ODBC direct, create a new workspace like Set MyWs = DBEngine.CreateWorkspace("", “Admin”, “”, dbUseODBC). If you program in VB, I advise you to choose ODBC direct mode because : - database connection is faster than Jet - With Excel and In Jet mode, database session is not closed and you will use a licence user until you exit Excel - there’s some trouble in Jet with numeric data type conversion (field property .value results in DAO)

Just a precision If you use dot in an identifier (with ODBC setting Identifiers=All Except Dot) replace dot with underscore for example : [name.with.dot.] → [name_with_dot]) Best regards