C/ODBC error--prog. version no.

Greetings… I am having problems establishing an ODBC connection. A few months ago I had successfully accessed an ODBC data source but not since. I’ve installed/reinstalled 2.01 then 2.6E but when I attempt to configure my User DSN datasource and specify the Company Name in the C/ODBC setup window, I receive the error message: “S0000[Navision Software a/s][Navision Financials ODBC Driver]The server and client do not have the same program version number.” I have tried uninstalling 2.01 and installing 2.6E then connecting to ANY Nav version DB, but still get this error message. Our tech support folks are baffled by this as well. thanks

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Hi Laura J I’ve always thought this error was due to the incompatible versions between the server install (which the database was installed under, as a service), and the client install(s) on the machines trying to connect. If these are the same, then make sure the C/ODBC driver you’ve installed is the same version also. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Laura J, What you need to do is make sure two dll files named nc_netb.dll and nc_tcp.dll has the same version number with codbc. This 2 are used to build the connection between codbc and server and it will do the version check while it’s loaded.