C/ODBC connection

Dear Gurus,

I working on a project that requires me to retrieve data from NAV db and transfer data into SQL Server 2000. So far, I have tested on my notebook using the navision client to connect to the NAV server successfully. But when trying to create the ODBC for the NAV db connection it gives me the following error

"you do not have permission to run the ‘C/ODBC’ system

contact the system manager if you need to have your permission changed."

The above error prompt when I am clicked on the “Company” button inside the NAV ODBC setup. Others information has been fill in correctly; but should I import the licence or just ignore it? anyway, with or without still gives me the same error message

May I know what has I done wrong? because I just need the ODBC to be ready for SQL to connect to the NAV db. Is it because of license issue? Please help.

Check this folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Navision\NODBC (or CODBC)
there is a file FIN.EXE there, is it the same as license file that you use to open NAV? Normally you need to paste your current license here.

if you still having error after doing that, try to use a username that doesn’t have password. use this in the odbc.

these 2 issues are the most common navision odbc problems.

And of course you DO have C/ODBC in your Navision license also?

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your advice. I have tried to check the c:\program files\common files\navision, but I couldnt find fin.exe there. As your suggestion, I tried to copy the exe file in there but still not working.

Guess I am going to try the 2nd method, but I need to get the admin to create a new id without password first for testing.

Anyway, thanks a lot and I will see how it ends when I got the id. Cheers.

Don’t do that. You need to find the directory where you have installed C/ODBC on you pc. Here you must make sure that you have your own license file stored also - the license file is called FIN.FLF

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your advice. Actually there is another flf file which named under my company’s name. Does it consider the license file? eg. Syabas.FLF

Anyway, how do I install the C/ODBC? do I have to install the client version first?

Before I start to confuse everyone, the following is what I have done:

  1. NODBC driver has been installed in my PC

  2. I managed to access the NAV server which means the windows access rights is enabled

  3. I have the license file .FLF

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Yes it’s the license file which has your name that you must use. You must copy this file to your C/ODBC install directory and rename it to FIN.FLF.

And then I’ll suggest that you use MSQuery to test your connection.

You never verified this question…

Cronus license (demo license) do have granule 1.700, and shouldn’t give this particullar error.
(It should perhaps give some error abt. company names, but that’s another story)

It’s also possible to assign roles the permission to use C/ODBC (System: 9130).
This is by default only given to SUPER.
Is the user you use for connecting through ODBC a member of SUPER?