C/ODBC and Access 2000

Since upgrading a site from NF 2.00D to 2.60E, the client’s C/ODBC queries from MS Access 2000 have failed. I have found the problem to be caused by filters on date fields on linked tables. I can reproduce the problem by doing the following : Configure a C/ODBC File DSN to a 2.60E Database (I used a local Cronus database) In MS Access 2000 - Create a new blank database. - Create a Linked Table to the G/L Entry table via the C/ODBC connection configured above. - Create a new query for table G/L Entry, field is Posting Date and enter any valid criteria like #01/01/2001# - Save and run the query, this error message occurs : "ODBC - called failed. [Navision Software a/s][Navision Financials ODBC Driver]Invalid operand for operator: = (#1023) Any feedback on this problem would be appreciated. Tim.

In the options of the DSN set the identifiers to a-z,A-Z,0-9,_. It generally ‘non-standard’ to have spaces in the names of tables and fields, which I have tends to cause grief with other data access applications.

We got the same Problem except that we’re using Access 97. The change of the identifiers (to a-z,A-Z,0-9,) in the DSN setup doesn’t work. I would also appreciate if somebody could help us with this problem since we’re using a lot of Access queríes with date filters. Thanks in advance! Regards, Sven

I just tried your example while I’m starting to use ODBC for data migration. Once I have the table linked I can reproduce the error you get when I just type #01/02/01# in the criteria field of the query designer. However, when I type like #01/02/01# it returns all the records with just this date in a query. We use Navision 2.6, MDAC 2.5 and Access 2000