C/ODBC & Crystal Reports

We’re in the early stages of using Crystal Reports 8 to analyse our NF database. On creating a report to a company using a C/ODBC DSN all is OK, and refreshing data is OK. If we then look at a report on another company the data on that one is unable to refresh as the previous company’s DSN is still active. Have we missed the point on how C/ODBC DSN’s work, or does anyone know of a way where the DSN can be kept active whilst viewing a report, and another one launched when connecting to another NF company?

I’m running into what may be a similar problem although I’m not using Crystal. I am building a web site to let external customers view their inventory levels from the Internet. The user selects a report from the web (using Active Server Pages), and the ASP page pulls the data from the Navision database. It always works the first time but then when you try to refresh it bombs with an ISAM error. Do you get any specific error messages from Crystal?

The problem is that the ODBC driver is basically single threaded from a given client machine - only one instance of the Navision driver-based DSN can be in use from the same workstation/connection at a time. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are using in server or single local mode, the driver just does not know how to give up the company connection. If there are multiple DSNs set up and specifically pointed to a company on a server, in Crystal 8, if you log off the server and on to another, it seems to work OK - but you must log off in order for this to work. Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA allen@beckconsulting.com 800-456-8474