C/Front with ASP

hi, has anybody worked on C/front, i am trying to make dll file, which i will use in my asp pages. please if anyone can give suggestion or tips or any help . please also tell me about the differences between c/odbc and c/front thanks ajay jain ajayjain1001@hotmail.com

Hi, C/FRONT is specially designed for VBA application and C/ODBC is designed to use while accessing data through MDAC component.

c/odbc creates a lot of problems , so i am planning to make my own component C/Front, can someone tell me that what should i make dll or ocx and why thx

Hi, You should create a DLL because in Navision Attain you can not use the heavy weight controls i mean visual OCX component. So it would always be better to create light weight DLL component.

thx rajesh