C/Front - VB resources

Hi there, I need to have some documentation about using C/Front within VB. I want to check out basic things like: making a connection with a Navision Database (native or SQL), bringing up recordsets and hook it up with datagrids etc… So, my question is: Is there something like that? or can somebody send me some information about this topic. Thanks in advance. Roelof. roelof@masi.com

Roelof. Since it states you are with a US NSC - you can download the WW courseware from the US site. You will want to focus on the Integration section, which deals with C/ODBC, C/Front, automation and working with OCXs.

There’s a PDF document on the Navision CD regarding CFRONT, also check the cfront.hlp (Online Help) which is also on the CD. Both will help you using C/FRONT###### _________________________________ Tarek Demiati Freelance Navision Developer Email : tarek_demiati@ureach.com Telephone : +65 - 906 787 16 _________________________________

Oke, Thanks!