C/Front SetShowMessageHandler

Anybody used this function. I am able to replace the function but once the error is displayed I get an error referring to a null value. Does this function have a return value (the documentation says it is a VOID functio but I thought I would ask. This null error occurs whether or not I override the the Exception Handler (SetExceptionHandler()). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

SetShowMessageHandler don’t have any return value. You creating own error’s handling funcion, and after SetShowMessageHandler() navision orginal error handler will be replaced with yours. So then error occurs you function will be called with, error text and codes. “…the error is displayed…” it is your error handler displaying or navision ?

The error that is displayed is displayed using my replacement function.

I have used it some years ago, whtout any problem. It worked fine. Now I readed manuals, I was wrong, again. This func. have return VOID* - it’s is pointer to any type. If you have problems with orginal Exception handler check stx and etx files, maybe they are from different versions or accured error not discribed in these files.