C-Front question

Hi All, I have a question about C-Front. Is there a way in C-Front to activate triggers within Navision? Thanks, Roelof.

Not to my knowledge Regards

Allan is correct. You are not able to validate any code in C/Front just like working with the C/ODBC driver.

Hmm… So, is there a way around to somehow run the triggers?

You cannot fire up a trigger from C/FRONT so therefore the trick here is to populate a Navision process table using C/FRONT without doing any validation and then schedule all your validations (ie: VALIDATE the “Sell-to Customer No.” on the Sales Header so you populate the customer details for the document…)using Navision’s C/AL.


Originally posted by Roelof: Hmm… So, is there a way around to somehow run the triggers?

tarek_demiati@ureach.com Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Aug 30 07:24:41

Hi Tarek, Can you give some example code what I can use?

Check NAS, there should be posible call any obj from another aplication. I think that Tarek mean, that you can: 1. write all data to temp or orginal table with mark; 2. allways running fin.exe, with form OnTime trigger, checks for these recs and calling triggers for validation of recs; Disadvantage: you not able to track errors then validating. If you need automated data write over CFront, triggers is useless, becouse they stops code execution after errors. So you should rewrite triggers in any way. If you don’t writing a lot of data, another solution is usage of OCX. In C/AL create obj that calls OCX for data receiving. Disadvantage: in one call of OCX you can receive only one field. But in any solution you should modify triggers. Not sure about NAS, I havn’t played with it.