C/Front problems

Hi. I have a Delphi COM object that generates a report for me in Navision. It works fine on the computers I have tested it on here at the office but at the client’s side I get the following errors. then and then this one This error messages are created while using our NSC license and I am logged in as the Super user. Both at the office and the client’s side the server is Windows 2000 server and the client machines are Windows XP. I am running the Navision Database Server. (not SQL version) What could be the problem.

I have installed the CFront.ocx into Delphi. I’m connecting to Database with cFront.Opendatabase function but I cannot open a Company with cFront.OpenCompany function. After this call cFront.companyname is always blank. Any ideas about this ?

@potentpoefie: mmmh i don’t see any images @philipv: it works fine in my app when connectiong to a server. i remember you must write the name case-sensitive … maybe that’s it ?

Wonder why the images are not showing? hmmmm… But here is what the message says. Error Message 1: “You do not have permission to run the ‘C/Front’ system. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permission changed.” Error Message 2: “C/FRONT Fatal Error” Error Message 3: “Access violation at address 018F2DEA in module ‘cfront.dll’. Read of address FFFFFFE8” Does that shed any light on the subject? I am stumped.

Try deleting the CRONUS.FLF and adding your own license file into the program directory.