C/Front OpenTable & VBScript

Hi all. I am a new Navision developer and I am trying to use C/Front in some VBScript. Everything is working, except that I keep getting a Type mismatch error when calling OpenTable. I searched deja and I think the problem is that VBScript only allows variables of type “variant” to be passed by reference. Has anybody been able to figure out a work-around for this problem? Thanks in advance for your help! John

I don’t know What is it, but create new func. and use it for OpenTable:

Function Opentab(TabNo As Long) As Long

    Call CF.OpenTable(Opentab, TabNo)
End Function

oh i am also facing this problem, i have just added a new topic for this, now i am using odbc for this, it solved my problem. cfront is working fine in Visual basic, you can make a dll in vb and use.

Creating a DLL in VB did the trick. Seemed to be the only way to get around that annyoing variant contraint! Thanks ajayjain!