C/Front changes 2.60B/2.60D

Hi, it seems the boolean type changed it’s value in C/Front 2.60D. Anyone knows more about the inter-version modifications ? Bye, Torsten

The changes from 2.60C to 2.60D is:

  • Decimal setting restricted to ‘.’ when using C/ODBC.
  • Using From Alias in C/ODBC resulted in an error.
  • C/ODBC creates a General Protection failure when using “count(*)” from MSQRY32
  • Disable blob field setting in a C/ODBC DSN caused infinite loop when retrieving data
  • When linking table ‘Object’ through C/ODBC, the empty string columns show invalid characters
  • Table Date can’t be linked when using C/ODBC
  • BCD data type not supported for decimal columns when using C/ODBC
  • C/ODBC and problems with GROUP BY
  • Closing Date Support with C/ODBC
  • The property CFRONTDllName doesn’t work from cfront.ocx
    Soren Nielsen Edited by - SNielsen on 2001 Mar 28 13:32:13