C-front and triggers

We are at the moment integrating our graphical planning solution with standard Navision, so that we can plan our service orders with drag and drop. To keep the costs low, we plan to do this with C-front. Getting orders is no problem, only we writing back the changes / resource allocations, C-front seems to ignore all triggers. Is this a common problem? And if so, are there any tricks to solve this? Thanks Peter

Hi Peter, I regret to say that C-front is not the tool to use if you want use the business logic in the database table triggers. C-front cannot be made to use trigge

If you want to triggers to run you will have to intergate through NAS. ODBC and C/Front do not call triggers.

In addition to using NAS, check out: + DVP’s Transaction Manager ( http://www.dvp.net ) + Landsteinars Data Director ( http://www.landsteinar.nl/landsteinar_nl/upload/files/brochures/lnl/fs_lrdatadirector_092003.pdf ) -john