C/FRONT And Temporary Tables

Hi, I have a problem and I’ll be glad if anyone help me. When I have running NF I have some temporary tables. When I do some action (click button or etc.) in NF, I would like with C/FRONT in my DLL load this table(s). OpenTable method opens only non-temprary table, and OpenTemporaryTable creates one. So is it possible to do one of: 1. DLL loads through C/FRONT temporary table records or 2. NF stores temporary table records in some variable ? array ? or ?? to DLL variable ? Thanks for advice

You are not able pass any table handle from NF to CF, because CF can’t attach to NF<->NF server session, CF only can open new session. So first way is imposible. But you can pass records (and fields) one by one to your aplication.