C/Front and SQL Server option

Hi, If I change from a Navision native database to the MS SQL server option, will my external programs that use C/Front to communicate with the database still work with it? I am using Navision Financials 2.60A at the moment. thanks, Jan David Mol

See your 2.60A product-CD (w1w1cfront.pdf). According to the manual you will have to do some changes in your code. Other drivername, … . But I haven’t tried yet :wink: Have a good time, Richard

You probably have to do quite big changes since the flowfields doesn’t exist in SQL in the same way as in C/SIDE. In SQL the SIFT-values are stored in separate tables.

The cfront.dll uses another driver (ndbcs.dll) to talk to the SQL server so you have to give as an argument in ConnectToServerAndOpenDatabase. Otherwise, everything should work as before. - dk Btw. Upgrade to 2.60b (it is good for you).

I am using CFRONT with the SQL option. I have found it to be much slower than with the Native version, but the ability to use the flowfields is the same. To use the SQL option you must do two things: 1) Point the OCX to the CFRONTSQL.dll by using CFRONT1.CFrontDllName = “cfrontsql.dll” 2) Use the new method for connecting to a SQL database Call CFRONT1.ConnectServerAndOpenDatabase()