C/Front and Delphi

Has anyone try to connect to Navision Database from Delphi using C/Front ? I have installed the CFront.ocx into Delphi. I’m connecting to Database with cFront.Opendatabase function but I cannot open a Company with cFront.OpenCompany function. After this call cFront.companyname is always blank. Any ideas about this ?

There was/is an attempt to create an interface to the cfront.dll for Delphi over at Mibuso. I haven’t had much success - I’m not a good enough C programmer to be able to write the unit for interfacing C/Front. [:(] Djangman

i have the same problem when connecting so (edit1 is my db-name-field and edit3 my company-name-field): cFront1.ConnectServer(edit1.text,‘tcp’); cFront1.OpenCompany(edit3.text); after this i am connected but the company is blank … if i add cFront1.OpenCompany(edit3.text); a second time it works … strange … but it works


can u tell me how you installed .ocx file for delphi?

also suggest any step by step procedure if any for connecting from nav to delphi.