C/Front AccessViolationException

Hi all,

When I try to load the C/Front .NET dlls and connect to a Navision system who’s license does not have permission to run the C/Front system, I get an exception that informs me of this. This is all well and good; we expect this.

However, when .NET decides to dispose of the dlls C/Front throws a nasty AccessViolationException. This only occurs when an exception has been raised when trying to connect. I’ve tried using the CheckLicenseFile() method and passing 1800 as a parameter (which would check to see if we have permission to run C/Front). If a call to this method raises an exception C/Front still throws the same exception when .NET disposes of the dlls.

Does anyone know of any way to stop C/Front .NET throwing nasty exception when it’s getting disposed off?