C/Coast and 2.60.B

Can anybody give me a tip for installing C/Coast on a machine that already has 2.60.B running on it? And a piece of info. C/Coast will not install on a partition larger than 2 GB. cheers,

Matt : What’s C/Coast ? tarek_demiati@ureach.co

It’s a North American tool providing the NSCs with costs and prices. It runs on the same executable file with it’s own database and DLLs. Before 2.6, you could just install it in it’s own directory, and it didn’t check the Windows registry, and life was wonderful. Now, I keep getting errors when I attempt the same solution.

Hello Matt. The install for C/COAST has always had the 2 gig limit. However, this should have been fixed. You may want to contact your NTR (NavisionDamgaard-US or CA) for a new install. Michael C.