C/AL Programming Guides

Good Morning: I am new to this forum. I think it is great that there is so much helpful information on this site regarding Navision. We have a very heavily customized Navision/Financials solutions (ver 3.70.A). I currently have the Navision Financials Application Designers Guide. Although it is somewhat informative, I was wanting to know if there are any other Manuals out there that are more in depth with their coverage of the C/AL language? I did a search of this forum and unfortunately I didn’t find many threads on the topic. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi, you are probably going to be disappointed by this answer… The application designer guide is pretty much all there is with regards to C/AL. [:o] I don’t if any other manuals etc. are coming out with the new version (4.0)??

Steve: I was afraid that would be the answer. I’ve searched all over the net, and this is the most valuable resource I’ve come across. The documentation in the guide is alright, but it could be a lot better. I guess I will have to use this forum as a way to supplement that guide. Thanks,

I have an introduction to CAL Programming PDF if you’d like to take a look. I don’t know if i’m allowed to attach it to this message[?] so email me at savatage99@gmail.com It’s part of a self-study course, It’s more of a work book- 220 pages Chapter1 - Introduction Chapter2 - Simple Data Types Chapter3 - Identifiers & Variables Chapter4 - The Assignment Statement Chapter5 - Expressions Chapter6 - Numeric Expressions Chapter7 - Logical & Related Expressions Chapter8 - IF & EXIT Statements Chapter9 - Compound Statements & Comments Chapter10 - Arrays Chapter11 - Repetitive Statements Chapter12 - Other Statements Chapter13 - Calling Built-in Functions Chapter14 - Creating Your Own Functions Chapter15 - C/AL Functions

I keep getting emails on the old post. The Introduction to CAL can now be found here:


& the C/side Ref Guide is also online here: