C/AL Manual

Is there a manual available for C/AL programing other than the small section in the Application Developers Guide? I’m looking for something that lists all the functions, syntax, and possibly examples. I am a end user working on some new tables, forms, reports and some mods to existing reports and could really use a better manual. Can someone e-mail it to me or give me a link to download it. Kevin

I just created a new down load for Manuals and user Guides. Please upload there. Thanks http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/file_library.asp?showmethecat=17

I think the best manual is the C/SIDE Reference Guide. This is the help-file which opens if you’re in the C/AL Editor and press F1.

Agree, but I still like paper. [:D]


Agree, but I still like paper. [:D]
Originally posted by David Singleton - 2005 Dec 11 : 15:10:25

Then you could print the C/SIDE Reference Guide… [;)] I like paper too. It’s always nice to have something on paper if your network fails… [:)]

Why not dump the help file, then convert to HTML (or word) and then upload it here ?

The C/Side Reference guide is OK, I printed it to a few PDF files. The problem here is it really doesn’t seem to be a programing guide. I’m looking for something with lists of available “code” (If Then, Case, etc.) not really the higher level development. Kind of a C/AL Programing for Dummies guide. Kevin


Kind of a C/AL Programing for Dummies guide.

Unfortunately there is no such thing [B)]. Most people learn to program in Navision three ways: a) they go through the dummies phase, learning to program in something else and then learn to apply the concepts and principles to Navision. b) They finds someone who is a Navision developer already experienced and pick his brains (And look at the Cronus example database). c) Find a reseller who does training courses who has compiled some training material Or a combination of the above. Books on Navision, aside from those produced by Navision/Microsoft are very rare and as yet I am not aware of one.

You can throw this in this topic too: http://us.share.geocities.com/powerofthenight/IntroCALProg.pdf due to bandwidth limits with geocities it may not always be available, especially if someone just downloaded it. You can email me too if you want it. It’s an Old Intro to CAL Programming.


It’s an Old Intro to CAL Programming.
Originally posted by savatage99 - 2005 Dec 12 : 18:34:18

Is this document made by Navision itself? It looks like the Application Designers Guide. I don’t know enough information to upload it. Could you upload it? That would be nice for newbies like Kevin… [;)] And for Navision-mid-carreer guys like me! [:)]

http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/file_library.asp?showmethecat=17 DSingleton edited… I have put this int he download section.

Thanks! That’s pretty much what I was looking for. Kevin

I moved the file tot he download section. Note that if you attache a fie to a Thread, then once that thread fades away, then the attachment is lost.