Dear all,

I’m new to NAV,have to learn C/AL code from the scratch . Not able to understand from the PDF. Is there any websites for C/AL code with syntax and examples with scenarios .Please guide me . Since helpless.

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What do you mean ‘the pdf’?

I’d suggest you get the training material for C/SIDE Introduction and the one for C/SIDE development, and start studying. If you don’t understand it through self study then ask your employer to send you to the training. If your employer won’t do this for you then get your senior involved. If that doesn’t help find another employer that will provide the proper learning to you.

another approach, this method works for some people, try to open objects, choose the simple objects. Give first chance to Reports, Vendor - List, Bank Account - List, Prod. Order - List. Learn to make another report that is similar to this …
Then in the way on working this, you will have learnt something.

Good luck …

p.s. there is no instant knowledge, you need to invest time and emotion.

That approach only works when you understand the purpose of the object. I’ve found that studying individual objects gives you almost no true understanding for a LOT of work. If you are going to put in a lot of work, it is more efficient to study material that is designed to teach you something.