C/Al code for Run-form propertys...

Hi All,

What is the code for Run-form propertys like,

  1. Run-object , 2) Runform -link 30 runform-linktype…

i want to write code for a button inplace of using these propertys…

plz help me out…



Can you please rephrase your question?

There is no “code” for these properties.

You have basically two options to run a certain object from a command button in a form:

Either you define the properties mentioned

Or you put C/AL code into the “OnPush” trigger of the command button.

Which way do you want to go?

Hi Venu,

Have a look at the C/AL function help of RUN and RONMODAL as I think this it what you are looking for. As Thomas says we would need more information to help you fully

Instead of using those propertys , i would like to go vth code in ONPUSH trigger.

Can u plz specify the code , tht i can write in onpush trigger , whch functions just like , property settings…

This mainly depends on “what” form you want to run and “which” record with “what” filter you want to apply.

If u dontmind , Plz explain me wth a example of Customer & customer ledger entrys …

Hi Venu,

declare a variable for the Cust. Ledger Entry

set the filter you want on the Cust. Ledger Entry variable


“Cust. Ledger Entry”.SETRANGE( “Customer No.”, “No.” ); // Similar to RunFormLink property

FORM.RUNMODAL( 25, “Cust. Ledger Entry” ); // Similar to the RunObject property

Hope this helps