By mistake Inventory close adjusment batch job

Hi By mistake user closed the Inventory close adjustmnet for the month 30/06/12 , so that now system will not post any transactions in that period. But actually we need to run the batch job for the month of 30/06/12 . How to adjust the entries in that period. Please share your ideas.

Cancel the inventory close, do the necessary adjustment and post the closing again.


Thanks my dear friend .

Can you explain what system does when we do the cancellation ( what would be entries in tables ).

Please share your experience.

See when you close the inventory, the inventory issues are matched against the receips based on your costing method. During this process, many adjustments are made as while posting normal transactions weighted average price is used but at time of closing actual cost is applied. This wy you come to final ledger value of actual inventory.

Cancellation simple cancels the posting. If you cancel the closing, the adjustment made are reversed. However, you will not get any log once the closing is cancelled.