Buying a worldwide licence, and integrate local european countries

We are an European coordination center of a US multinational in Belgium. We would like to use (based on a Citrix Server) one Navision licence. Within this one licence, we are adding the European subsidiaries (Belgium, France, Germany). Can I buy the Worldwide Navision Licence and add to this licence the local tax (VAT & Intrastat) legislation and language? Does anyone has any experience with this? If yes, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Can the screens change into English, French, German or Dutch depending on the user? Thanks in advance for advise,

No, true program-wide multi-language features are not available (yet). In fact Belgium is the only country with a limited kind of multi-language (French/Dutch) functionality. Although Canada might have French/English, but I’m not sure of that. But even when multi-language facility would be available, you still would have to cover the differences per country. Belgium VAT, for instance, is quite different from German, which is different from French. That why local Navision offices are carefully adapting the program to the local needs. Yet, a solution could be to run Navision itself in English, and get the reports in the language of the different countries (multi-language on report level is available, or different reports could be made). The program would have to be tailored to keep track of the separate, country specific, VAT entries and Intrastat data, but that should be doable for a skilled Navision Solution Centre. John

You also have to take the license conditions into consideration. They do not permit you running several companies with just one license. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

You can of course purchase multiple companies and run them within the one licence, so France could be on one company and Belgium on another. You could then have a consolidation company if required. As for the different tax laws - it would be possible to merge the 3 versions of Navision into one object set. Its possible, and depending on the differences it may not be that difficult. The screens and reports can have multiple languages on them. This multilanguages functionality has been improved in version 3 I think. Craig Bradney Project Manager - Technical Navision Solutions & Services Deloitte Growth Solutions Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu P:+61-2-9322-7796 F:+61-2-9322-7502

We are a multinational, based in The Netherlands with offices in Houston, Singapore, Dubai, London and a few others. We have several companies in one database that are accessed throughout the world with VPN + Citrix. This is working quite well. The VAT problem was encountered when trying to setup Sales Tax for the US subsidiary. This did not work because the Sales Tax module was not included in our license. We think we found a solution, but it still needs to be tested (busy, busy, busy).